Meet the Team

Your Trusted Jewelers

We are extremely proud of our hardworking and dedicated family we have built here at EthereallPrincess. Each jeweler is handpicked for their creativity and positive energy they bring to the team. EP is full of young Black creatives , ready to showcase their talent and bring new fresh custom pieces to our customers.


Tyair she/her

CEO, lead designer , Lifestyle influencer

Tyair is a Pisces. Very Innovative. Extremely Creative. She is a lover of arts and self expression. Before her fashion career, she attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles , California where she studied African American studies and Communications. Tyair's communication and marketing skills are showcased in her popular Tiktok's wearing all custom "EthereallPrincess" jewels and crotchet designs. Fans fell in love with the "ethereal" aesthetic and many viral fit-checks later ,Tyair had a sustainable accessory shop. She grew the brand during quarantine to over 24,800 followers on instagram and earned the company upwards of 5,000 sales in a year. Her pieces have been seen on Celebrities, Top Models , influencers , and notably Sasha Obama .The Brand focuses on highlighting and showcasing creatives of color in hopes of promoting community among young Black Entrepreneurs . Some brands featured on in 2021 included , Shokunbi Halimotu's "Limass20", Eloise Munford , 313theBrand , and more. Its safe to say Tyair is storming the Fashion industry with expressive 1of1 "Ethereal" accessories. 


Lailah she/her


EloiseMunford is a young black owned hipster brand created to make your “grandmother’s crochet” fashion forward, trendy yet give a sense of nostalgia, -not your grandma’s crochet . Lailah Eloise-Munford is a 19 year old entrepreneur has been crocheting and knitting since she was 10 years old. She has a passion for dance and started off making Bralettes for her dance class. Culture and dance heavily influence her creative crotchet styles. She loves the way she can express her art physically and see it move and come to life. Lailah relies on her love of dance and the body to shape how she manipulates yarn into beautiful textiles.